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What to #STOP! doing to reduce stress, enhance joy and live a life on purpose

August 18, 2016

We make hundreds of decisions every day. These decisions vary from the mundane to the complex such as:

  • Should I have a fruit shake for breakfast, a bowl of cereal, or just skip it because I’m late?

  • While playing chess with my son, what move should I make next as I predict his next set of moves? 

According to Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman, we make decisions by deploying two systems—thinking fast and thinking slow. System 1 is thinking fast and is automatic, based on patterns that have developed in our brain from past experience and memory. In fast thinking, we rely on rules of thumb and preconceived notions. System 1 engages first, quickly and every time. Examples of fast thinking include driving a car on an empty road.

System 2 is thinking slow and is conscious, delibera...

July 28, 2016

If we #STOP! and ask the right questions, we can enjoy healthier lives, be more focused and productive in our work, express our talents, do the things we enjoy, experience greater peace and richer relationships, and help others. So, perhaps you are ready to create a stop-doing list. 


If you think willpower is all it takes to STOP any behavior, you are dead wrong. Learning to STOP behavior requires you to develop new methods for making conscious, deliberate, and disciplined decisions.

What are suggestions of things to add to our #STOP! doing list?

I welcome your feedback.

Joy to you!

Eric Parmenter

Author of “STOP! 21 STOPs to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy”

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July 7, 2016

The purpose of this blog is to highlight behaviors to #STOP! doing in order to reduce stress, enhance joy and to live a life in pursuit of purpose. 

I hope each blog post will stand on its own but taken in whole, I hope that you will learn more about behavioral science, neuroscience, behavioral economics and positive psychology.  Also, because change is constant and what holds you back today may be different from what we may struggle with at different points in your life, I hope that this blog will provide fresh insights and discoveries. 


There are many behaviors to #STOP! in order to dramatically improve our life.  I use three broad categories of behaviors; #STOP! Ignoring Your Health, #STOP! Hindering Your Work, a...

July 6, 2016

I suspect that you already know your passions and your talents. You may even have a bucket list. If not, what can you #STOP! doing to free up some time for more self-discovery? #STOP! is about what not to do with your time, energy, thoughts and resources. Fundamentally, the principles of #STOP! are about human behavior in the inverse: it is about stopping behaviors that diminish your well-being, rob your joy, and hinder your personal performance.

My goal is to help you experience greater joy and less bad stress on your journey. Are you ready to add more joy and take away stress? Stress reduction and joy enhancement boost well-being and increase personal performance?  You are the experts. What are some of the things we miss on our journeys because we are so focused on our destinat...

July 4, 2016

Today is the launch of a new era in my life. Today I release my first book "STOP! 21 STOPs to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy" to the public.  Recently, I launched my first website , Twitter feed and book Facebook page.  Today I write my first blog.  I must confess that I am wading into unfamiliar digital waters and I have much to learn.  I encourage you to browse the website and check out the many resources that have been incorporated to help you life a life with less stress, more joy and in pursuit of your purpose.

After all, that is why I wrote #STOP!  I want to help people face head-on the noise and distractions of our frenzied world.   If you are like me, you are crazy-busy.  Your life is filled with meetings, conference calls, travel, emails and pings from...

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#STOP! Thinking fast to do a behavior tune-up

August 18, 2016

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