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#STOP! Learn Methods of Joy

Higher personal performance means that we perform our chosen endeavors with a greater degree of skill, talent, knowledge, or acumen. For an Olympic sprinter or swimmer, that means faster times. For a schoolteacher high performance may mean the ability to help students master the subject matter at hand. The word telos (from the Greek τέλος for “end,” “purpose,” or “goal”) means an end or purpose, used by philosophers such as Aristotle. It is the root of the term “teleology,” roughly the study of objects with a view to their aims, purposes, or intentions.[i] Today, we define teleology as the study of personal performance.

In contrast to telos, techne is a term etymologically derived from the Greek word τέχνη (Ancient Greek: [tékʰnɛː]), that is translated as “craftsmanship,” “craft,” or “art.”[ii] Techne is the rational method involved in producing an object or accomplishing a goal or objective; however, the two methods are not mutually exclusive in principle.[iii]

So what? Why the definitions and Greek words? Because joy is not just a random emotion nor is stress out of the realm of our influence. By exercising method and purpose, you can boost your joy quotient significantly and reduce killer stress. Stopping behaviors that hold you back from your chosen, purposeful pursuits requires the practice of new methods based on new rules. Restructuring your life to “not go there” and nixing unwanted behaviors is an art form, a craft, a method. The method that I’ve adopted and I’m asking you to use enables you to intentionally STOP the behaviors that crowd our minds, that take our time, that drain our energy and distract us from the pursuit of our purpose and passion.

I welcome your feedback.

Joy to you!

Eric Parmenter

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