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My name is Eric Parmenter and my purpose is to help people to find their purpose and to live a life of joy and well-being, which is why I wrote STOP!  

I have a PhD in Business Psychology and work in the healthcare industry as a VP of Sales for the hospital and health system industry for Quantum Health, a care navigation company that powers employer self-funded health benefit plans. I am on a mission to change the physical and mental health of the nation by changing the way healthcare is delivered.  Far too many healthcare workers, from nurses to doctors to administrators and hospitality folks are burned out and overwhelmed with stress and poor health.  But so are the patients they serve. 

I have invested over 30 years helping people.  I am humbled that colleagues and clients consider me to be an established national expert on the impact of healthcare reform on healthcare providers and who respect me as a thought leader in the hospital health system industry. One of my big areas of focus is building competencies for caregivers using psychological capital and behavioral health and behavioral economics.

I am fortunate that STOP! is the winner of the Book Excellence Award and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin digital award.  


I have written more than twenty articles on related topics.  Click on the black adn gold boxes to access articles available for download here:
































I am married and we have seven kids, and eleven grandchildren as of this writing.  We love where we live, historic Franklin, Tennessee, but also like to travel.  I enjoy history, architecture, and baseball.  I grew up in Lincoln and Champaign Illinois and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois and a Masters of Business of Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  I am an Adjunct Professor of Business at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. I have a whole bunch of letters behind my name because I am a lifetime learner and have taken many courses and tests over the years earning the following professional designations.  My friends tease me that I just make up the letters behind my name to impress people. However, if you click on each designation below, you will discover that they are real programs:



When I lived in the Chicago area I was a volunteer docent for the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust and one of my bucket list items is to visit as many of his designed properties as possible and to go to every major league baseball park (I’m about half way there).


"I have invested over 30 years helping people"

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