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If you need less stress and more joy then STOP! will help you learn how to give your life a behavioral tune-up and learn new habits that will free up the space for a life full of meaning and purpose.
Stressed Out
and Managers

Gone is the 40-hour work week.  Workers today are expected to do more with less, to multi-task, and to crank results amidst bombardment from all forms of technology.  If this describes you – it’s time to STOP!

If you worry about employee burn-out, stress and turnover, STOP! will give you practical tools to equip your employees with the margin they need to thrive.


Moms and Dads are running from soccer practice to violin lessons and academic pressure is greater on kids than ever before.  In an age of go, go, go – where more is lionized and “yes” is the norm – it’s time to STOP!


The first person to live to 150 may have already been born! People are living longer due to advances in healthcare and technology and many are working longer in various ways.  Do you have the tools to experience well-being and joy for 30, 40 or more years in retirement?  STOP! is for you.

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