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#STOP! Bad procrastination

Stressors are stimuli, often circumstances, that evoke a physiologic reaction and evoke emotions. Some stress is healthy and good. If a T-Rex threatens to eat the caveman, stress will prompt him to either stay and fight or run for cover. I recommend flight for Mr. caveman. Deadlines are one of my stressors. While nothing approaching the threat of being eaten by a T-Rex, procrastination on deadlines, especially administrative ones that do not involve creative thought, evoke a sensation of squeamishness in my stomach and I begin to get more and more nervous as a deadline approaches when I have put off my task.

I like what Adam Grant says about good procrastination in “Originals”: How Nonconformists Move the World” (check out Grant says “Our first ideas, after all, are usually your most conventional.” So good procrastination may lead to better ideas. Bad procrastination for me is avoiding administrative tasks. Getting bogged down in administrivia keeps me from thinking creatively and about the greater purpose of my life so I just need to #STOP! procrastinating on administrative tasks. What stressors evoke sweaty palms, upset stomach and/or headaches for many people? What are common behaviors, good and bad, in response to these stressors?

Joy to you!

Eric Parmenter

Author of “STOP! 21 STOPs to Reduce Stress and Enhance Joy”

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